Flexible, solution-oriented and personal

Noodzaak stands for flexibility, speed and solution-oriented thinking. We have a broad network of highly expert partners who can flexibly and quickly adapt their capital, skills and knowledge. From an expansion plan to bridging cash flow dips, our support actually helps your business grow.
Noodzaak was founded by entrepreneurs who like to give fellow entrepreneurs a boost. Based on your company data, we make a Quick Scan after which we can get to work to prevent or solve the necessary liquidity problems in the short term.
Don't get stuck with your problems and fill in the application form today. We are here to help you and your business!


"The no-nonsense and low-threshold approach and conversations were decisive for me to work with Meld Noodzaak!"- Jaqueline verbeet

"During my first conversation, I immediately felt that I was going to be helped. The team of Noodzaak took all the time to identify our problems. The quick-scan was extremely valuable to us! Fransjan and Michelle assisted us intensively in the restructuring of our company in a very personal and professional way. After a few difficult years, we are now back on the rise."- Emiel ten Hag

"At first, I was hesitant to call for help. I didn't feel like flashy sales chats and expensive consultants. A relation pointed me in the direction of Noodzaak. What a relief. The team usually consists of respectable entrepreneurs who know what they're talking about. No reports with expensive and incomprehensible jargon, but a hands-on solution-oriented approach. Extremely nice and very personal. I can really recommend it, what a great team!"- Jason Talis